CouRage explains how WoW saved his gaming career

Ava Thompson-Powell
CouRage WoW Shadowlands twitch
YouTube: CouRage/Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft is arguably the largest and most recognizable MMO on the market right now. Having recently passed its 16th birthday, with a huge fanbase that continues to grow, and an expansion that is one of the best in recent years, it’s no surprise that one internet personality is having a blast in the game.

With the upcoming Chains of Domination patch coming to WoW revealed at BlizzConline back in February, players are grinding through, or returning to the game to get themselves in top shape for the next content drop.

Castle Nathria — Shadowlands’ only current raid until the patch drops the Sanctum of Domination — is providing groups of friends with plenty to chew over as they progress through Normal, Heroic, and into Mythic and Mythic+’s sweat-inducing levels.

In a recent episode of Trainwreck’s Scuffed Podcast, Jack ‘CouRageJD’ Dunlop told him and fellow streamers including Pokimane, Valkyrae, and Myth, to name a few, that if it wasn’t for WoW, he might not be so passionate about the state of gaming right now.

Falling out of love with gaming

In the clipped segment of the podcast, CouRage highlights the importance of how social WoW is, and how crucial that can be for the game itself, stating: “I wouldn’t play if I didn’t have 20 of my best friends that are all together on.”

While the game is definitely soloable, much of the fun comes from raiding and questing with friends or a guild; taking down the bosses and storylines together. Another member of the week’s podcast, Quarterjade, said, “that seems fun regardless of the game,” further indicating just how much playing games with others can improve the overall experience.

Matt Shouse / Youtube
CouRage has over 3 million subscribers on YouTube.

With so much content to get through, WoW is often a time-sink, and for CouRage, that was the case, too – even ending up with him joining the podcast late: “That’s why I was late tonight because we were just raiding for the last three hours.”

While raiding in WoW is no easy-feat and undoubtedly sees a few rage moments from even the most veteran players and pros, the star made a strong and passionate statement that shows just how much he cares for the game.

“I don’t care how hard a boss can be challenge-wise… if I didn’t have World of Warcraft, these last two months with the state of gaming right now, I would’ve thought that I was, like, falling out of love with gaming.”

This comes after he previously spoke out about how he hates Warzone and the big changes he felt that it needed to make to be saved, and how features like skill-based-matchmaking destroyed his love of Fortnite.