Shroud criticizes Valorant’s “scuffed” Sentinels of Light skins

James Busby
Sentinels of Light
shroud / Riot Games

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has been busy diving back into the intensely competitive arenas of Valorant, but the streamer recently gave his opinions on the new Sentinels of Light weapon skins.

Just like most FPS games, Valorant features plenty of in-game cosmetics for players to purchase. Not only do weapon skins enable you to show off your favorite guns in all their glory, but some skins also come with their own unique animations. 

The latest bundle that aims to wow Valorant fans is the Sentinels of Light bundle, which have designs based around the Relic Stones – powerful items that are capable of fighting off the “Ruination” that devastates the League of Legends universe. 

While the Sentinels of Light skins won’t improve your aim in Valorant, they will give you some flair when gunning for those all-important kills. 

Shroud on Sentinels of Light Valorant skins

Valorant Sentinels of Light bundle
Riot Games
Sentinels of Light is the latest Valorant weapon skins bundle.

“That is whack, it’s like a scuffed Singularity,” said Shroud when looking at the Vandal and Operator skins. It seemed that the popular streamer wasn’t impressed with the design choices Riot had made. 

However, shroud did seem to like the knife skin. “Ok, the knife’s pretty cool, I’ll admit that the knife is cool.” Unfortunately, the rest of the bundle didn’t seem to impress the streamer, but he did enjoy the Sentinels of Light’s in-game finisher. 

Every time you kill the last living enemy with the Vandal, their body and soul are ripped from one another and a heavenly light shines down upon the defeated Agent. It’s a pretty flashy animation and one that makes this bundle more appealing. After all, who doesn’t like to defeat their enemies in style?

Like most weapon bundles, the Sentinels of Light pack contains five weapon skins. These cosmetics are for the Knife, Ares, Operator, Sheriff, and Vandal. For now though, it looks like shroud will be sticking with his tried and tested Singularity skin.