Marques Brownlee explains why Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip phone is growing on him

Kamil Malinowski
YouTube: Marques Brownlee

Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee has been checking out Samsung’s latest mobile phone, the Galaxy Z Flip, and explained why it’s starting to grow on him. 

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip marks the return of flip-phones into the current mobile market, giving people both the nostalgic element of being able to compact their phones, as well as current technology.

The design is fairly unique so it’s no surprise that Marques was all over it as soon as he could get his hands on one. Initially, he stated that it may not be worth the cost – but has now revealed that it is growing on him.

YouTube: Marques Brownlee
The Galaxy Z Flip may just be bringing flip phones back into fashion.

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In a video released on Feb 19, the American unboxed the phone and talked about its advantages and disadvantages, before giving his final verdict on it.

He began with an overview of the phone, before jumping into the little details. He said: “Despite the little indent by the selfie camera and an obvious crease [on the fold], this Z Flip is the most complete and well-made folding phone yet.

“The taller aspect ratio is a mixed bag – 21:9 is pretty cool as far as keeping it slim, but it’s too tall to reach anything in the top corner with one hand. [But] it is easier to open with one hand.”

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Brownlee then spoke about the size of the phone once you fold it, stating: “Having a phone that folds down to being so much smaller and fitting in my pocket better, the idea is growing on me. Even though it’s not ideal right now.”

He then revealed he would be testing out the phone in his day-to-day life and reporting back to share how well it handles.

Fans of the Galaxy Z Flip and tech will likely not have to wait long to hear more from Marques, who is incredibly interested in the technology and idea behind this, and other, mobile phones – as his regular viewers will already know.