Menacing Smash Ultimate mod makes all of Ganondorf’s attacks instant

Michael Gwilliam
YouTube/Vishera Games

A new Smash Bros Ultimate mod has made Ganondorf into an even more threatening fighter by drastically speeding up all of his powerful attacks.

In a video published by Vishera Games, the King of Thieves is able to perform all of his attacks instantly, and the results are devastating.

Right off the bat, Vishera shows Ganon traverse the Battlefield stage by using his Down-B and then immediately using the same move in a downward trajectory to move under the stage.

YouTube/Vishera Games
Down-Air is scary when it’s instant.

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Within mere seconds and a lightning-quick Up-Air into Forward-Air later, the Zelda antagonist is able to break his opponent’s shield.

Other crazy moves that are made possible include comboing Ganon’s Down-Air – a normally a very slow, but powerful move – into itself. The end result is a whopping 60% damage in just two seconds.

Down-Air would never be allowed to be so quick in the regular game, so seeing it in action is just downright terrifying.

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In fact, because everything is so instant, the combo potentials for this version of the character are ridiculous. For instance, Vishera shows how he can combo neutral air into itself multiple times before landing two forward airs in a row – something that would be impossible to see in an unmodded version of the game.

Perhaps the most ridiculous part of the whole highlight package, however, comes at the 1:50 mark when Ganondorf is able to use his neutral B – Warlock Punch without any lag.

For context, Warlock Punch is basically a more powerful, albeit longer, version of Captain Falcon’s iconic Falcon Punch.

How can anyone beat a fast Ganondorf?

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However, because of its duration, it’s almost never used seriously by any Smash player in tournaments. Now, with this mod, Warlock Punch essentially becomes an instant win button.

Seeing moves that would never combo together in action is one of the best parts about Smash mods.

Vishera has plenty of other modifications on his YouTube channel such as giving Villager’s slingshot bowling balls, giving Cloud no limit and other cool concepts.