Did Walmart leak Master Chief in Smash Ultimate? Fans speculate after cryptic tweet

. 1 year ago
Master Chief in World of Light

Halo’s Master Chief has been many people’s number one dream pick to make it into Super Smash Bros Ultimate as one of the final DLC fighters. Now, fans are getting giddy after Walmart seemed to suggest or even leak the Spartan’s potential place in the game.

Fans have been in support of Master Chief coming to Smash ever since Nintendo and Microsoft worked together to bring Banjo to the game as a DLC fighter. The two companies would collaborate again to help add Minecraft Steve to the fighting spectacle in Fighters Pass Volume 2.

Seeing as the two gaming behemoths seem to have a strong relationship, the possibility of Master Chief, the face of Xbox, getting a chance to battle it out with Mario, Sonic, and other greats have been in the back of people’s minds for some time.

Now, Walmart Canada has joined in on the speculation and some fans are taking this as confirmation that Master Chief is definitely joining the fight.

On March 7, Halo tweeted a happy birthday message to their face of the franchise. “Another trip around the sun, another year filled with adventure. Happy Birthday, Master Chief!” they said.

Following this, Walmart replied, “Happy bday, 117! We actually got John a little something to celebrate. Just need an address…”

Accompanying this message was the photo of a Smash Ultimate invitation. Immediately, fans were sent into a frenzy.

“If Walmart of all people is who happens to leak Master Chief in SSBU I’m gonna laugh so hard,” one player responded.

“Good news about Master Chief being in Halo,” another cheered.

“Someone’s getting yelled at by Nintendo later,” a user remarked, suggesting that Walmart had leaked some insider information.

Microsoft Master Chief
Master Chief could be the biggest Smash reveal of all time.

While this tweet may appear to be a good indicator for Master Chief, it’s more than likely that the account admin was just having a bit of fun. The Walmart Canada account is run by Riley Little, who happens to be a major Smash Ultimate fan and an advocate for a Halo rep coming to the game.

So sadly, it doesn’t seem like Halo is any closer to coming to Smash, although that doesn’t mean Microsoft is opposed to the idea.

Even though Halo didn’t respond to Walmart’s tweet, Xbox France did reply to a fan wondering if Master Chief would ever come to Smash by stating “he’s still waiting for his invitation.”

In any case, we’ll have to see what the future holds, especially considering only two spots remain in Fighters Pass Volume 2 and a third has yet to be confirmed, though datamines suggest a third could very well be in the works.

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