Could Kratos come to Smash Ultimate? All the evidence for a God of War DLC fighter so far

. 1 year ago
Smash Ultimate Kratos

God of War’s Kratos may seem like an unrealistic addition to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but there is some evidence to suggest that there is a chance that PlayStation all-star makes his way to Nintendo’s flagship fighter.

Firstly, let’s begin by saying Kratos coming to Smash as a DLC fighter is extremely unlikely, but given recent events and remarks by God of War’s developers, his chances have risen a lot higher than they were just one year ago.

The big thing to consider here is, amusingly, Fortnite. If there was ever a game to rival or perhaps even surpass Smash Ultimate for bringing together characters from other universes, it’s Fortnite.

Could Fortnite pave the way for Kratos in Smash?

Fortnite Kratos skin
Epic Games / Sony
With Kratos in Fortnite, his Smash stock has risen a bit.

With Kratos being a skin in the Epic Games title and not exclusive to any one platform, God of War has, in a weird way, made its way to Nintendo consoles already.

What this tells us is that Sony is willing to use Kratos in games other than those found on PlayStation. After all, he’s been a guest character in a few other games such as Hotshots Golf: Out of Bounds and Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, but those only released on Sony systems.

With Kratos in Fortnite and technically a skin that Nintendo Switch and Xbox users can use, there is a chance that they’d be open to him appearing in even more crossovers.

Sony Santa Monica’s cryptic tweet

Next, there was a very interesting tweet from Sony Santa Monica back in January 2020 that flew under the radar. In it, the Smash music plays while a bunch of characters flash above Kratos’ head, seemingly suggesting whoever it pauses on will be coming to Ultimate.

After passing over the likes of Waluigi, Master Chief and Trevor Phillips from GTA V, the video stops at Kratos.

While this tweet may raise some eyebrows, many in the replies took this to suggest that the studio responsible for God of War was interested in Kratos coming to Smash. Unfortunately, the account didn’t reply to any of those theories, so there is nothing else to go off there.

God of War’s Art Director is a big Smash fan

Finally, God of War’s Art Director Raf Grassetti has put together some impressive Smash Bros art, redesigning the game’s roster as realistic fighters.

Obviously, this could just be an artist being a fan of Smash, but being a fan can help immensely, especially if it opens up the doors for talks with Nintendo.

After all, Solid Snake only ended up in Smash because Hideo Kojima’s son was a fan, resulting in his father asking Masahiro Sakurai to add the Metal Gear Solid protagonist to the game.

kratos and atreus in god of war
Santa Monica Studios
Boy, it sure would be cool if Kratos was in Smash Ultimate.

So, while there may not be any leaks or proof that discussions between Sony and Nintendo happened, it seems like the devs wouldn’t be opposed to the idea.

Plus, it goes without saying that Kratos could have an amazing kit and be a worthy addition to Fighters Pass Volume 2, or even a Volume 3 if Nintendo decides to add even more DLC characters.

While Sony and Kratos aren’t talked about nearly as much as Microsoft and Master Chief when it comes to Smash, if there is one character who could break the internet as much, it could probably be the Ghost of Sparta.

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