Rainbow Six Siege leak reveals new elite skin for Ela

Connor Bennett

A brand new Rainbow Six Siege leak has revealed the fresh elite skin for Ela and animation – and it’s a pretty different take on the operator.

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Ubisoft Montreal has done a fine job with their continual updates for the popular Rainbow Six Siege title. The developers have pumped out new operations, new cosmetics, and new operators ever since the game launched back in December of 2015.

Yet, one of their newest releases – an elite cosmetic look for Ela – has been leaked online thanks to the game’s test server. 

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The newest Rainbow Six operation – Ember Rise – is set to hit test servers in August.

In a post to the Rainbow6 subreddit, user ChristianESP98, uploaded the image of Ela’s new look while in a pre-game lobby. The character, who appears to have blonde hair with green streaks, gets a brand new jacket and moody look before you hop into a match.

In the leaked image, the phrase ‘Huk Sztuk’ appears on her pre-match card, which translates into ‘Bang of Fine Arts’.  The fine arts part would easily play into Ela’s back story considering her lore states that she was an art school student in Berlin before joining her special force. 

Reddit: ChristianESP98
Ela’s fresh new Rainbow Six Siege look.
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The character even gets a new end-of-game animation that plays into her lore, where she proceeds to paint a green box around herself and then begins to twirls a paintbrush around with her fingers.  

Ela even gets a close-up shot as the full screen turns green and she is left as the only operator you can see on-screen before things wind down and you’re able to revisit your stats with the post-game scoreboard.

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While some fans may get excited about one a changed character, especially one that is such a twist on its original look – not everyone seemed too pleased.

“Plz don’t tell me that’s real,” commented Redditor Legend_of_uWu upon seeing the leak. Another, FrickFortnite, added: “That’s a joke right? Please tell me this is a joke.”

Comment from discussion New Ela Elite Skin.

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Ubisoft has not yet confirmed the legitimacy of the leak, but considering the original Reddit user was able to get their hands on the look in the test server, it shouldn’t be too long before it is available in-game.