Pokemon Go Zamazenta Raid guide: Weaknesses, counters & how to beat

Daniel Megarry
Pokemon Go Zamazenta

The Galar region’s Legendary Zamazenta has finally arrived in Pokemon Go! The Fighting-type will be appearing in 5-Star Raids, and we’ve got all the best counters so you can beat it and catch one for yourself.

As the ongoing Ultra Unlock 2021: Sword & Shield event rumbles on, another new Galar region favorite is making its Pokemon Go debut: Zamazenta! It follows in the footsteps of Zacian, which now rotates out of the Raid schedule.

This popular Fighting-type Legendary is making its debut in its Hero of Many Battles form, with Zamazenta’s powered-up Crowned Shield form most likely being added to the Go Pokedex in a future event.

Zamazenta will appear in 5-Star Raids in Pokemon Go for just one week, meaning Trainers don’t have long to beat and catch this iconic Legendary. Fortunately, we’ve got the best counters so you can do just that.


Pokemon Go Zacian Zamazenta

Zamazenta weaknesses

Zamazenta is a pure Fighting-type, which means it’s weak against Fairy, Flying, and Psychic-type attacks. Trainers should focus on bringing their best Pokemon of these types with matching moves.

As for strengths, Zamazenta will have no problem wiping out Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, and Dark-type Pokemon, so definitely avoid these where possible. Below you’ll find the best counters to take into battle.

Zamazenta counters

Pokemon Fast Move Charged Move
Mewtwo Psycho Cut Psystrike
Moltres Wing Attack Sky Attack
Metagross Zen Headbutt Psychic
Latios Zen Headbutt Psychic
Rayquaza Air Slash Hurricane
Alakazam Psycho Cut Psychic
Espeon Confusion Psychic
Gardevoir Confusion Psychic
Honchkrow Peck Brave Bird
Togekiss Charm Dazzling Gleam

Zamazenta moveset in Pokemon Go

Zamazenta has four potential Fast Moves and four potential Charged Moves in its arsenal. Depending on which ones the 5-Star Raid Boss uses, this could turn out to be quite a difficult battle.

Here are all of Zamazenta’s potential moves in Pokemon Go:

  • Ice Fang (Ice)
  • Snarl (Dark)
  • Quick Attack (Normal)
  • Metal Claw (Steel)
  • Close Combat (Fighting)
  • Moonblast (Fairy)
  • Iron Head (Steel)
  • Crunch (Dark)

The big moves to watch out for here are Snarl and Crunch, as both of these Dark-type moves will obliterate Psychic-type counters. Metal Claw and Iron Head will also have no trouble taking out your Fairy-types.

Despite being a Fighting-type, Zamazenta only has one Fighting-type attack, the Charged Move Close Combat. This is a very powerful attack, though, so it’s still important to keep your guard up.


How to get Zamazenta in Pokemon Go

The only way to get Zamazenta is to first defeat it in a 5-Star Raid Battle. You’ll then be given a limited amount of Premier Balls based on your performance in the battle, which you can use to attempt to catch it.

Zamazenta will be available in 5-Star Raids from Thursday, August 26, at 10AM until Wednesday, September 1, at 10AM local time, when it will be replaced by another currently unknown Raid Boss.

As for its CP range, Zamazenta can be caught between 2,000 to 2,188 CP at Level 20. With a weather boost (Cloudy), Zamazenta can be caught between 2,625 to 2,735 CP at Level 25.

Can Zamazenta be Shiny?

Pokemon Go Shiny Zamazenta

Unfortunately, Shiny Zamazenta is currently unavailable in Pokemon Go. Niantic never debuts a new ‘mon alongside its Shiny variant, so Trainers will have to wait for a future event to get Shiny Zamazenta.

We do know what Shiny Zamazenta looks like, though, as it previously appeared in the mainline Pokemon games, Sword and Shield. You can see it in the image above.

When is Zamazenta Crowned form coming to Pokemon Go?

Many Trainers will be anticipating Zamazenta’s powerful Crowned Shield form arriving in Pokemon Go, but sadly, there’s no release date for that yet. It will likely arrive in a future event and make a big splash.

Until then, you’ll have to make do with Zamanzenta in its Hero of Many Battles form. It’s a solid fighter.

That’s everything you need to know about defeating Zamazenta! To become the ultimate Trainer, check out the rest of our Pokemon Go guides below:

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