This Overwatch spray is becoming a real cereal

Bill Cooney

Images originally found on a food service supply website supposedly show a new cereal coming out this winter that looks pretty familiar to Overwatch fans: Lucio-Ohs.

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Lucio-Ohs have just been an Overwatch meme until images of a realistic looking box were found on a food service supply website by the food blog The Junk Food Aisle.

Fans of Overwatch will recognize the cereal as an in-game spray for Lucio, he also references the cereal in his voiceline, “Have some Lucio-ohs!”

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The box looks pretty similar to the in game spray, only it features a blue background instead of yellow.

No exact date has been given for the cereal’s release, but looking at the box art, there is a “loot boost” promotion that starts on December 3rd listed on the side of the box, so it would make sense if the cereal was out before then.

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The Junk Food Aisle

We still have no official announcement from Blizzard or Overwatch on the cereal, which one would expect to build some hype at least a few weeks before it hits shelves.

It looks like Lucio mains and Overwatch fans could finally have their own breakfast of champions, pulled right from the game into real life.