Sleepy breaks xQc’s record of consecutive Overwatch competitive matches in marathon Twitch stream

. 4 years ago

San Francisco Shock player Nikola ‘Sleepy’ Andrews played enough Overwatch competitive matches in a row, without breaks, to beat the unofficial record set by streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel earlier in the year.

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Sleepy ended his marathon Twitch stream by tweeting out that playing Overwatch for over 24 hours was actually all an accident.

During the stream, Sleepy played over 75 matches of Competitive Overwatch, at least 10 more than xQc’s 65 matches without a break back in July, which has been regarded as the unofficial record ever since.

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Sleepy investigated a player on stream during the streak who seemed to be using dishonest methods on Widowmaker, eventually concluding it could just have been the luckiest shot of that player’s life.

Sleepy is currently signed to the San Francisco Shock as a flex support player and, like most other Overwatch League pros, has plenty of time to stream during the OWL offseason.

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There’s no word yet on whether xQc has heard or even cares that his record has been broken, but he could go back and try to claim it, if only for the bragging rights.

Sleepy will probably be streaming regularly until OWL Season 2 starts in 2019, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be going for any more record-breaking, marathon streams anytime soon.

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