Sinatraa’s genius Symmetra attack combo destroys opponents in Overwatch

. 2 years ago
Robert Paul/Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch League MVP Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won showed just why he is one of the best players in the world by using a super creative Symmetra play to win a duel against a Sombra in his backline.

While on the high ground defending Temple of Anubis’ Point A, the streamer put a teleporter off in the distance to allow himself to get in and punish the enemy team approaching from the left room and then back out to safety.

After going through his teleporter a couple of times to apply pressure, he heard a Sombra player decloak behind him. “Here I am,” the player’s hero said during the decloak animation.

Blizzard Entertainment
Symmetra can be a tricky Overwatch hero to duel.

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Thinking quickly, Sinatraa teleported off into the distance once more and this time, turned around to fire a fully-charged right-click attack. Symmetra’s right-click alternate fire does a whopping 120 damage on impact when it’s fully charged.

The brilliance of this play is that Sinatraa immediately took his teleporter back to duel the Sombra at close range and fired a medium charged shot directly at his adversary while the fully-charged blast he let loose from the other side of the map was still on its way.

After applying some tickle damage with his primary beam attack, the shot that was fired from thirty meters away connected and killed the Talon adversary.

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It’s very common for Sombra players to translocate away from a fight when their health gets low, so one of the keys to actually eliminating them is to deal damage in bursts so great that they will have no chance to get out of the fight.

For his part, even the Overwatch League champion seemed impressed with his play. “What the f**k?!” he exclaimed. “I actually just sh*t on that guy.”

Perhaps the best part about this play is how easy it is to recreate in your own games. Make good use of the teleporter, fire a charged shot and by the time you’re back in your enemy’s face dueling, that first shot can be wind up being fatal.

Overwatch League awards Sinatraa of the Shock the 2019 MVP award
Ben Pursell For Blizzard Entertainment
Sinatraa was named the 2019 OWL MVP and would go on to become a league champion.

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If you’re a Symmetra main be sure to give it a shot and rise through the ranks.

As for Sinatraa, the 19-year-old World Cup winner will be making his Season 3 debut on Sunday, February 9 when the San Francisco Shock take on the Dallas Fuel.

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