Sinatraa: The Overwatch genius who quit at the top

. 2 years ago
The Champ Who Walked

Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won is a prodigy who claimed the Overwatch throne at the age of 19 – just to abdicate it months later.

As a young talent, Sinatraa was signed up to one of the largest contracts in the Overwatch League in 2017 despite the fact that he was still too young to compete. This led to the San Francisco Shock being swept aside in the first season of the league but, come Season 2, their gambit paid off as they became champions.

This success for the most part was down to Won’s presence in the team. He was the master of DPS heroes while also having the ability to flex into heroes such as Zarya if needed. Everything in the team revolved around him and because of this, he was given the MVP when the team became champions in season two.

And that wasn’t all for Sinatraa. At the end of 2019, he helped take the USA to Overwatch World Cup glory, denying three-time champions South Korea for the very first time.

By the end of his first full year competing in OWL, Sinatraa was arguably the biggest star – which made it ever more shocking when he announced that he would be walking away from the league to go pro in Valorant, a game with no defined competitive scene yet.

Whether he reaches the same heights in Valorant remains to be seen but one thing’s for sure: all eyes will be on Sinatraa as he takes on this new challenge.

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