Seagull Comments on Korean Dominance in Overwatch Contenders “Just get good”

Joe O'Brien
Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Dallas Fuel’s Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned has commented on the topic of Korean dominance in various Overwatch Contenders divisions.

The topic has once again come to the forefront after an article on InvenGlobal argued that the dominance of Korean players in non-Korean divisions is becoming a problem.

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Unlike the Overwatch League, which is a unified global league, Contenders is separated into seven regional divisions. The teams in these divisions aren’t region-locked, however, meaning that there are no rules that require a roster competing in a given region to actually feature players from that region.

The result has been that, much like in the OWL itself – which features three all-Korean squads despite there only being one franchise technically based in South Korea, and in which every single team features at least one Korean player – many teams in all regions feature Korean players and some have even imported full Korean squads. In the Pacific and Chinese divisions, all-Korean squads won the Season 1 titles.

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According to Seagull, however, this isn’t an issue. In a recent stream, he suggested that the solution was that non-Korean players and teams “just get good”, arguing that higher levels of competition in any region, regardless of the source, would help forge better players.