Overwatch’s new D.Va skin could be a K-Pop tie in

. 3 years ago

Shortly after Overwatch’s Storm Rising event kicked off, Director Jeff Kaplan teased a new D.Va skin coming for the Anniversary event that would “break the internet” and some players think it could be a tie-in with a new K-Pop group.

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After Storm Rising went live, Kaplan sat down with streamer Mr. OhNickels on Facebook Live to talk about Overwatch and what was coming for the game in 2019.

Besides confirming that neither Sojourn or Echo would be Hero 31, Kaplan also teased a brand-new D.Va skin coming for the Anniversary event that fans would go crazy over.

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Quit stalling, what’s the theory?

Reddit user strangerquark256 suggested in a lengthy post that the upcoming D.Va skin could be some kind of tie in with the new K-Pop band Cherry Bullet.

Cherry Bullet were formed by South Korean entertainment company 1theK and made their debut in January. In the beginning of one of the group’s first videos for their single “Q&A” band member Jiwon picks up a bedazzled version of D.Va’s Light Gun that looks very similar to the Nerf version, as players have pointed out before.

“There is no way that 1theK put that in there without contacting Blizzard,” strangerquark said. “If they didn’t ask, Blizzard probably would have hauled 1theK into court by now over copyright infringement.”

The speculation reached peak tin foil hat levels when Cherry Bullet announced they would be releasing a new album before the end of May, which is typically when Overwatch’s Anniversary event begins.

“Here’s what I propose: D.Va will get some skin similar to K/DA in LoL that somehow promotes Cherry Bullet as well,” strangerquark revealed. “I probably sound insane right now, and I honestly kind of am. But for all we know, it could happen!”

Blizzard Entertainment
D.Va’s most recent new skin was for the Nano Cola Challenge, which began in August of 2018.
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Are we really buying this?

Even though plenty of people seem to think the idea could be legit, others questioned how the skin would “break the internet” as Kaplan said, since K-Pop doesn’t appeal to a very wide audience, yet.

Others said that it was a stretch basing most of this on a prop that only appears for a few seconds in a music video that doesn’t even show any Overwatch or Blizzard specific markings.

The new D.Va skin has to be but so far it seems Blizzard has done a pretty good job of keeping any news or leaks away from all the cosmetic-starved D.Va fans out there.

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