Overwatch Players Use Creative Teamwork and Teleporters to Destroy the Enemy

Joe O'Brien

A trio of Overwatch players showed off a new way of exploiting creativity and teamwork with the new Symmetra.

The recent Symmetra overhaul currently being tested on the PTR has significantly changed her impact on the game. From being a niche pick that rarely felt optimal, the power of Symmetra is arguably now limited only by how well her team can play around her new abilities.

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The most significant change is that to her teleporter. Formerly an ultimate ability, the teleporter was only used to eliminate long runs back from the defensive spawn – powerful on certain maps, but limited in scope.

Now a regular ability, Symmetra’s new teleporter is far more versatile. In exchange for less health and shorter range, the teleporter can now be used much more frequently and create pathways within the map, rather than just from the spawn room.

The teleporter opens up a whole range of new plays. Now able to transport certain ultimates, it can drop an exploding D.Va mech into the back line, or transport a Reinhardt behind the enemy team mid-charge.

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These sorts of instant-impact plays can be powerful, but the teleporter also allows for set-ups that weren’t previously possible, such as the one executed by DPSMercy (incidentally, also the Reinhardt responsible for this charge), Hanafuda, and AndyGMB (who also showed how the new turrets can be used as a defensive tool).

By placing a teleporter on top of the statue on King’s Row point A, the trio first transported an Orisa up to place a shield, before using it to place a Bastion, who then had a defended vantage point from which to devastate the enemy team.

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Needless to say, this isn’t the sort of play that would have been possible prior to the Symmetra rework, and demonstrates another element to the suite of creative possibilities the overhaul has brought with it.