Overwatch player discovers that B.O.B. is basically a 7th teammate

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players have been discovering all kinds of cool new things they can do with Ashe’s kit since her release to PTR on November 5, and one fan has discovered that B.O.B. can even solo cap the point during a match.

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Attacking Point B on Hanamura, the player controlling Ashe is all alone capturing the point, after taking out a pair of threatening Zenyattas, they call in B.O.B. and decide to step off the point.

Instead of not capturing, progress continues to rise on the point even as the player steps off, because B.O.B., it appears, acts as another player and is able to actually capture the point.

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The clip proves this is the case because even after the player dies, B.O.B. stays on the point and even manages to end the round by capturing it.

This means that, if you had a full team and called out B.O.B., there could potentially be 7 heroes capturing the point at one time.

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So it seems like Overwatch developers were telling the truth when they said B.O.B. is literally a “7th teammate” during the reveal at BlizzCon.

Ashe calls out B.O.B. for her ultimate, and he runs in a straight line until he runs into someone or something to stop him, and streamers have already shown B.O.B. will just keep on running if there’s nothing there.