Overwatch player discovers powerful new Wrecking Ball bug

. 3 years ago

One Overwatch player has found a new exploit for Wrecking Ball that allows him to use his Piledriver ability without any cooldown.

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Wrecking Ball’s Piledriver drives his mech straight into the ground while throwing any nearby enemies up in the air, dealing 20-100 damage depending on how close they are to the impact.

It’s already an ability that can severely disrupt the enemy team, but Reddit user killerxz has found a new exploit that allows Hammond to use the ability twice in a row with no cooldown.

Blizzard Entertainment
Piledriver is great for causing chaos in the enemy lines.
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Hammond, officially broken?

In a video posted to Reddit, killerxz demonstrates how to use the ability twice without any cooldown. The first step is to use Piledriver like normal, then wait for the cooldown.

Once the ability is back up, Wrecking Ball can perform two Piledrivers without any cooldown, with the only obstacle apparently being how quickly he can get high enough to use the ability again.

On the Practice Range, killerxz is able to pretty easily use the railing to get in the air quickly and use Piledriver twice with no apparent cooldown in between.

It doesn’t appear to be a one-off thing either, as other Reddit users have tried killerxz’s method and confirmed that it works and is 100 percent reproducible.

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A fix on the way?

Blizzard has yet to address this exploit, but based on how easy it seems to replicate and the advantage it provides to hamster players, it will probably be patched out fairly soon.

Until that happens though, be prepared to see a lot more Hammond in your ladder games as players find out about and try and take advantage of the exploit.

Competent Wrecking Ball players will probably love the exploit though, as it allows them the ability to disrupt the enemy backline while causing twice as much damage.

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