Overwatch May 7 patch brings new map Havana and All-Star skins

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s new map Havana is now live with the latest patch for PC and PS4 players, as well as two new skins for the Overwatch League All Star Weekend, but Xbox players are still waiting for the update.

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The May 7 patch also makes the new Overwatch League All-Star skins for Lucio and Mercy available for players to purchase for 200 OWL tokens each.

Havana was introduced during the Storm Rising Archives event as the setting for the mission of the same name. In the live version players will be escorting a payload through the map instead of fighting hoards of Talon goons.

Blizzard Entertainment
The Don Rumbotico distillery is one of the sections of Havana.
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¡Bienvenido a la Habana!

Havana is an Escort map, which means players will have to guide the payload through three different areas: the Havana streets first, followed by the Don Rumbotico distillery and finally the area leading up to the end at the Seaside Fort.

The map was pretty linear for the Storm Rising mission, but in the live version there are plenty of flanking routes across the map that should keep teams on their toes.

At the time of writing the patch was not available to Xbox players, but Blizzard assured fans the problem was being worked on and Havana would soon be available on Xbox as well.

Havana won’t be available in Competitive play until May 21, two weeks after it went live, to give players a chance to try the new map out for themselves.

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What else is in the update?

Previously leaked skins for Lucio and Mercy are also now available in the Overwatch League menu for 200 League tokens each. 

The All Star skins will only be around until May 22 so players who want them should make sure to purchase them before them or start watching OWL to earn those tokens.

The full patch notes for the May 7 Overwatch patch can be found below:



Havana, a vibrant, historic port city where the winds of change blow strong, is home to Overwatch’s newest Escort map!


To celebrate the Overwatch League 2019 All-Stars, we’re adding two new Legendary skins— 2019 Atlantic All-Star Mercy and 2019 Pacific All-Star Lúcio! These skins will be available from May 7th to May 22nd.




  • Fixed text errors on Taller de Sebastián and several posters
  • Fixed a bug where players would slide along the bottom of the pillars and the wall corners on the second floor of La Euforia
  • Fixed an issue where players could become stuck on the Yucca plants