Overwatch Contenders Finals Will Be Played at the Overwatch World Cup Group Stages

Joe O'Brien
Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch Contenders season two finals will take place at the group stages of the Overwatch World Cup.

Blizzard has announced a change in the format of the grand finals for Overwatch Contenders, the tier of Overwatch competition beneath the Overwatch League.

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Unlike last season, which culminated in offline finals specifically for Contenders, this season’s finals for the EU, NA, and Pacific divisions will take place at the group stages of the Overwatch World Cup.

The World Cup group stages are separated into four separate events hosted in different countries, and these Contenders divisions will play their finals at the stage in their region.

That isn’t the only change to the format, however. Where previously the top four teams qualified for the offline finals, where they then fought for the trophy, this time around only the top two teams will meet offline, with the rest of the competition played online.

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As a result, some players aren’t happy with the change, which means fewer opportunities for players to gain offline experience. With no third-party tournament circuit to compete in, Contenders is effectively the only option for aspiring professionals beneath the Overwatch League itself.

The finals will be played in the following locations:

  • Contenders NA – Los Angeles, California, September 7
  • Contenders Pacific – Bangkok, Thailand, September 14
  • Contenders EU – Paris, France, September 21