Overwatch bug results in Mei not fully freezing enemy heroes

. 3 years ago

Overwatch players on Reddit have found a bug for Mei’s ability to freeze enemy heroes, they’re still unable to move, but they aren’t fully frozen and move hilariously when shot.

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Mei’s ability to freeze opponents with her primary fire and her ultimate is what makes her one of the most powerful and annoying crowd control heroes to play against.

A recent patch for her ultimate ability Blizzard, better defined the area where enemies were frozen, just before players discovered the bug.

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A video of the bug was posted to the Overwatch Subreddit by user rubenburgt, who pointed out that enemies frozen by Mei’s Endothermic Blaster still move if they’re shot by an enemy.

Enemies are still frozen in place, but instead of being solid, their heads will bend back and forth if shot.

As an example, rubenburgt lined up a Zarya on the first point of BlizzardWorld and froze her, but when they shot at her head with Mei’s icicle shot, it flies back, just like it would if she wasn’t frozen and stays there.

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While the bug does allow enemies’ heads to move after they’re shot, it seems to be purely cosmetic because frozen heroes are still stuck in one place, unable to walk around.

Knowing Blizzard, if fans are pointing out the bug on Reddit, it’s one that should be fixed in an upcoming patch, if it isn’t fixed by the Winter Wonderland event in December though, it could make for some pretty interesting rounds of Mei’s Yeti Hunt Brawl.

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