Houston Outlaws’ Muma Weighs In on “Tactical Crouching” in the Overwatch League

Joe O'Brien
Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Houston Outlaws main tank Austin ‘Muma’ Wilmot has commented on the use of “tactical crouching” in the Overwatch League.

“Tactical crouching” is the Overwatch League’s preferred euphemism for tea-bagging, the classic gaming taunt of crouching over the corpse of a fallen enemy.

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While hardly rampant in every single game, some Overwatch League players have been known to drop a tactical crouch or two after a particularly impressive play, both as an element of showmanship to their game and also on the off chance that they might find a slight psychological edge by taunting the opponent.

The practice was called into question, however, after Philadelphia Fusion’s Lee ‘Carpe’ Jae-hyeok hit Shanghai Dragons’ Chon ‘Ado’ Gi-hyeon with a tactical crouch during their Stage 3 match. Though hardly the first time it had occurred in the league, many fans seemed to take issue with its use against the Dragons in particular, who hadn’t then (and still haven’t) been able to win a single match in the league.

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The incident prompted a debate on social media over the practice, with many claiming that it was “unsportsmanlike” and some (albeit a very small minority) even going so far as to suggest it could somehow be construed as a form of sexual assault.

When asked during a recent stream how other players in the league reacted to the taunt, Muma responded that he’d be very surprised if any got upset about it.

“I refuse to believe that anyone in the Overwatch League could get upset over that. Getting upset over crouching is actually just the most childish thing I’ve ever heard of, it’s unfathomable that it actually happens”