Genius Overwatch trap trick lets Junkrat counter Genji’s Dragon Blades

Michael Gwilliam
Genji dashes towards enemies on Blizzard World
Blizzard Entertainment

One part of his Genji’s ever-changing kit in Overwatch that has remained untouched is Dragon Blade, and countering the ability can be the difference between winning and losing matches.

Genji has been one of the strongest Heros in Overwatch for some time now, especially after receiving a series of buffs before being toned down a bit. However, one area of focus with him remains to be the Dragon Blade, which hasn’t been patched.

While he only has 200 HP when using Dragon Blade, Genji can output a lot of damage, especially with the Dash resets he gets after every elimination. As such, being able to trap the Hero – even literally – can be the best tool to combat the power of Dragon Blade, which is now charging a bit faster with the buffs to his damage.

Overwatch streamer FilthyFaux demonstrated how to keep him at bay and straight-up deny the powerful ability any value during a match on King’s Row.

The Junkrat player knew the Genji had his Ultimate online and predicted that he would go straight for the Ana player and try to eliminate her first.

By putting a trap on the ground and having Ana stand on top of it, he would likely Dash directly into it as he went to attack her.

“He’s going to fly right into this trap,” the streamer smugly said, as right on schedule, that was exactly what happened and the cyborg Shimada was swiftly dealt with by a Concussion Mine.

Another possible trick with the trap comes from Overwatch League MVP candidate Jae-hyeok ‘Carpe’ Lee. By standing directly on his own trap, even though he ended up dying to the Genji, the enemy got stuck and ended up dying to the Total Mayhem passive.

This trick is especially important to keep in mind if you ever find yourself up against a Nano Genji. Being able to trap the Hero while he’s Nano Boosted and using Blade will result in a double Ultimate counter with a single Overwatch ability.

So, the next time a Genji is giving you trouble, try and see if you can use his aggressiveness against him with some traps.