Fusion University Wins Overwatch Contenders NA Season One – Final Placements

Joe O'Brien
Blizzard Entertainment

Season One of Overwatch Contenders NA has concluded, with Fusion University taking the title.

Overwatch Contenders is the second tier of official Overwatch competition beneath the Overwatch League. The system got a revamp after OWL’s launch, bringing in new teams and expanding Contenders into seven regions.

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Contenders NA is one of the most scrutinized divisions of the tournament, as the home of many of the academy squads of Overwatch League teams and where many potential future Overwatch League prospects may be found.

Unlike the Overwatch League, Contenders isn’t franchised. There’s a risk of relegation – only the top eight are safe each season, while the bottom four will have to fight their way back in.

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While Overwatch League teams with Academy squads were granted a spot in the first season, those teams will need to earn their place going forward. In Contenders NA that’s no small task – there are seven OWL Academy teams and only the top eight in the tournament avoid fighting for relegation.

This time around, however, all of the academy sides managed to finish within the top eight, guaranteeing that none will be relegated this season. The bottom four teams will be dropped down to Contenders Trials, where they will battle with the top four teams from the Open Division to reclaim a spot in Season Two of Contenders.

The playoffs saw Philadelphia Fusion academy team Fusion University cruise to the trophy, defeating Boston Uprising academy side, Toronto Esports, in the finals.

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The full final placements for Season One of Overwatch Contenders NA. Teams were awarded prize money based on their final playoff placement and their results in the regular season:

  • 1st – Fusion University – $39,684
  • 2nd – Toronto Esports – $23,419
  • 3rd/4th – OpTic Academy – $17,544.50
  • 3rd/4th – EnVision Esports – $17,516
  • 5th/8th – Gladiators Legion – $14,548
  • 5th/8th – XL2 Academy – $13,905.50
  • 5th/8th – NRG Esports – $13,648.50
  • 5th/8th – Mayhem Academy – $12,749
  • 9th-10th – Simplicity – $8,913
  • 9th-10th – Grizzlys Esports – $8,270.50
  • 11th-12th – Last Night’s Leftovers – $7,628
  • 11th-12th – Bye Week – $7,114