Exclusive Skins Will Be Released for Overwatch League All-Stars

Joe O'Brien
Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard will release exclusive Overwatch skins for the Overwatch League All-Stars event.

During the Overwatch League grand finals, Blizzard unveiled two upcoming skins to celebrate the All-Stars event, which is set to take place on August 25-26.

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All-Stars will be a battle between the Atlantic and Pacific divisions of the league, and each side has a new mascot. A fiery Genji will represent the Pacific, while a cool Tracer will represent the Atlantic.

The All-Stars event will see a team made up of some of the best players of the Atlantic Division face off against a Pacific Division squad. Each division has eighteen players to draw from – a starting six, and twelve reserves.

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The starting squad for each division was selected by public vote, while Overwatch League players, coaches, casters, and league staffers helped to choose the reserve players.

As a result, most of the biggest names in the league will appear, although notably absent will be grand finals MVP Park ‘Profit’ Joon-yeong, who was not selected to represent the Atlantic division. Four other members of season one champions London Spitfire will compete, however.

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In addition to a best-of-five between the two squads, players from each division will compete in skill challenges of some sort, the nature of which have yet to be revealed.

All-Stars will be one of the last remaining chances to see some of these players in action this year, with the second season of the league not set to kick off until 2019. Some will also appear in the Overwatch World Cup, which will kick off with group stages on September 7 and conclude with the finals at Blizzcon, November 2-3.