Cheeky Overwatch trick turns Wrecking Ball into a stealth master

Lauren Bergin
Overwatch Wrecking Ball Eichenwalde Payloat
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch tank mains love causing some chaos on Wrecking Ball, better known as Hammond. This new trick will make the seemingly bulky little rodent into a stealth master. 

When it comes to Wrecking Ball you either love him or hate him. What can’t be denied, though, is that he’s hardly the hero that comes to mind if you want to pull off some sneaky little plays.

This is mainly because of the part of his kit that lends itself to his name – the Wrecking Ball. While fans have been busy transforming the robotic orb into the globe or an axolotl fish bowl, it’s pretty hard for any of us to imagine a covert style Hammond play.

Enter Reddit user FerretSummoner, who has managed to turn the adorable hamster into a master of all things clandestine.

Blizzard Entertainment
It’s safe to say that you usually see Wrecking Ball coming.

Wrecking Ball trick lets him evade with ease

As seen in a recent Reddit video a new trick has emerged that proves that, just because you’re a hamster in a massive mechanical ball doesn’t mean you can’t be great at hide and seek.

Pulling this off on Eichenwalde, Hammond is seen launching himself into the backline, only to collide with the payload. While things seem like they’re going to take an unfortunate turn, the enemy team completely ignore him, and the payload starts to rumble towards its destination.

By the time the unfortunate enemy Reinhardt gets to the mischievous rodent, the payload has landed and Hammond single handedly wins the game for their team.

A trick or sheer luck?

It’s pretty clear that the enemy team aren’t exactly on the ball (get it?) in this game, but this trick actually has its uses.

While a lot of players focus entirely on padding out their KDA, it’s easy to only see red throughout your matches. This creates the perfect loophole for players to exploit.

So, do you fancy channelling your inner Sombra whilst playing as a tank? Give this one a go and see what happens!