Brilliant Reinhardt Symmetra Overwatch combo literally floors enemy teams

Michael Gwilliam
Reinhardt and Symmetra on Hanamura
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players looking to completely catch their foes off guard with a potential match-ending play should look no further than this strategy involving Reinhardt and Symmetra.

Ever since her second rework, Symmetra has seen her pick rate rise massively, in large part thanks to what the developers did to improve her Teleporter.

With the ability to give teammates easy access to the high ground or completely bypass an enemy squad’s frontal defenses, Symmetra’s Teleporter can be a huge difference-maker.

The real power of the ability, however, comes when a team with coordination can capitalize on its potential, and that’s exactly what the Overwatch League’s Houston Outlaws showed in their match against the Paris Eternal.

Reinhardt Blackhardt Skin Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
Getting behind the enemy team can lead to some huge Earthshatters.

As the Havana match entered overtime, the Outlaws needed to pull a rabbit out of their hat to stop the payload.

Right as the gates to the second point opened, Jungwoo ‘Happy’ Lee set up his Teleporter behind the Eternal and had Cho ‘Jjanggu’ Myung-heum take it, perform a snappy 180, and hit his ultimate on the unsuspecting Paris squad.

This caused Eternal to lose their main tank right off the bat, making this enough to secure the win under most normal circumstances. Additionally, Happy even followed this up by using his Photon Barrier to add an extra layer of protection for his team with his tank off in the backline. (Timestamp 1:49:21 for mobile viewers)

While this play didn’t do enough to win Outlaws the map, it was partly because Paris had a war chest of ultimates built up to keep themselves alive, in addition, of course, to their spawn being so close to where this fight took place.

That said, the combo itself is one that you can definitely make work in your own ranked games, especially if the enemy team is tunnel visioning.

The big benefit to this trick is that, with your Reinhardt behind the enemy team, their own main tank has to turn around to block a potential Earthshatter, which can leave him extremely vulnerable with his back to the rest of your team.

Next time you’re in a ranked game, try this trick out to blow away your enemies and lead your team to victory.