Bizarre Overwatch League contract bans players from using trampolines or skiing

Brad Norton
Dogman hilarious OWL contracts no snowboarding
Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment / Unsplash: Felipe Giacometti

Overwatch League players aren’t allowed to ski? Or use trampolines? That’s according to former Overwatch pro Dustinn ‘Dogman’ Bowerman, who revealed the most amusing parts of the players’ contracts on stream.

Contracts are funny little things, with conditions for “Acts of God” and other legal garble that’s confusing to even the most well-read person. In esports, they’ve become somewhat of a meme, either with their wacky clauses or bad enforcement.

It turns out the Overwatch League contract all professional players are bound by bans all fun outside of the game though.

Super competing at an OWL event
Robert Paul/Blizzard Entertainment
Want to become a professional player in any esport? Avoid the ski slopes.

Former Atlanta Reign Support Dogman revealed the most amusing parts of the pro contract, including plenty of restricted activities that might lead to injury.

“There’s a clause in the OWL contract that says you can’t go skiing. I’m not even trolling,” Dogman revealed in an April 2 YouTube video.

Beyond skiing, the unique agreements also shut down a few more outdoor activities. Snowboarding is off-limits while playing at the professional level. However, the most amusing of all is that OWL talent are barred from using trampolines.

All of this is in place for the benefit of the player. Blizzard is simply aiming to keep everyone healthy throughout the course of a year.

“You can’t do anything that can potentially result in you breaking your hand, your wrist, or your arm,” Dogman explained.

However, the former Overwatch pro could see the funny side of things as well.

“If you want to make it as a professional player, you should indeed, never do anything besides playing the video game,” he joked.

Of course, more intricate details of the contract have been left unsaid. However, these funny clauses are enough to get a laugh out of anyone, not just aspiring Overwatch pros.

Next time you decide you want to hit the slopes, or maybe go trampolining, make sure you’re contractually able to, lest you break an arm and lose your job.