NBA 2K League Mid-Season ‘The Turn’ $150,000 Tournament Final Placements

The NBA 2K League’s first season partnered with the NBA featured a mid-season tournament on June 8th and 9th with some unexpected results.

For those who are unfamiliar the league features 17 basketball teams that compete in five v five games using their unique MyPlayer from the 2K title.

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2K is the currently the best-selling sports title in the United States, the second best worldwide, and is becoming a popular esport as well.

Four weeks of the 17-week league have come and gone leading the way to the first of two mid-season tournaments.

Current standings would have suggested that the four favorites to win the event were Blazer5 Gaming, 76ers GC, Mavs Gaming, or Pistons GT.

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Despite being one of the favorites, Pistons GT saw a first-round exit, and Mavs Gaming would follow being eliminated in the second round.

The defending champion 76ers would fall short to a Celtics Crossover Gaming team with a 3-2 season record during an incredible Celtics run that saw the club lose in finals.

The undefeated Blazer5 Gaming roster would continue to prove why they are the number one team by capturing the championship and $75K.

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‘The Turn’ June 9th Tournament Placements

Team Place Prize (USD)
Blazer5 Gaming 1st $75,600
Celtics Crossover 2nd $24,800
76ers GC 3rd-4th $12,800
Knicks Gaming 3rd-4th $12,800
Mavs Gaming 5th-8th $6,000
Warriors Gaming 5th-8th $6,000
Magic Gaming 5th-8th $6,000
Wizards District 5th-8th $6,000

For more information on the league, schedule, and standings head over to their official site.