New exploit threatens to ruin Madden 19 Ultimate Team head-to-head matches


A new exploit in which an offensive target is able to “glitch” their way to previously impossible routes and formations has been exposed by popular Madden content creator Gut Foxx.

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The exploit, which Gut Foxx suggested EA has known about since August, has started to infiltrate the online head-to-head format and could threaten to take over the Madden 19 NFL Club Championships Live Finals which takes place near the end of January.

Dubbed “the Motion Freeze Glitch”, a user must first motion their running back to either side of the field (which can only be done in a pass play), and then holding the left stick up, reset the playback to a run.

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The ensuing result will see the quarterback create an odd toss to the motioned running back which the CPU-controlled defender will not recognize, yielding, at minimum, a first down.

A skilled player could then alternate plays out of the glitched formation, utilizing other runs (stretch or toss) to hurt a given user who might overcompensate for the toss.

Perhaps more alarming, the glitch can also be done on passing plays, albeit “motion freezing” a given receiver instead of the running back, creating previously unable route combinations which the secondary will not recognize.

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At this time, there isn’t an immediate “fix” to the glitch other than a player “usering” the potential toss, or in the case of a pass play, sliding the cornerback over to the receiver in order to force him to identify it.

In the case of the running play, the unintended consequence of the action means a defensive user is left to hope his CPU can cover the rest of the options to the other side of the field.

EA and its community officials have yet to comment on the matter. Hopefully this will be fixed sooner, rather than later.