TFT patch 11.3 to feature Divine rework, Spirit nerf, Elise & Darius buffs

Andrew Amos
Riot Games

The first big update of Festival of Beasts is on its way in TFT patch 11.3. Riot is targeting the other meta comps after culling “Elder Sol” in the hotfix, including Divine and Spirit, as well as helping some of the weaker units like Elise and Darius.

TFT’s latest Set, Festival of Beasts, has landed well on live so far. While there were a few changes made in an earlier hotfix targeting the Elderwood-Aurelion Sol meta composition, things are starting to open up.

Riot are tinkering with a few elements though in TFT patch 11.3. Spirit and Divine have come out of the gates strong thanks to Zed and Kayle compositions, while others are struggling. Here’s what you can expect.

Divine rework & Spirit nerfs target Kayle, Zed comps

Divine has fallen a bit out of favor as a trait in Set 4.5. Without the 6 Divine Warwick composition, players are straying away from the trait, splashing 2 or 4 Divine with Nasus or Kayle instead of fully committing.

Riot are trying to woo players back into the composition though ⁠— or at least stop the big power spike from splashing it. The trait now lasts for a flat six seconds, but the damage reduction and true damage gained scales from 35% at 2 Divine to 65% at 8 Divine.

Spirit is also getting a big nerf. The trait was massively buffed with the change to flat attack speed, and 4 Spirit-Zed compositions have been dominating the meta. Now, with a nerf to 4 Spirit, its power shouldn’t be as prevalent, and might knock Zed out of the meta.

“It’s a tough comp to balance, because he is like 90% of the team comp’s output small changes take Zed comps from top tier to not played at all very quickly. I wouldn’t be surprised if next patch the comp is no longer popular,” developer James ‘Statikk’ Bach told players on Reddit.

Blood Moon Elise in League of Legends and TFT Set 4
Riot Games
Elise is getting a significant buff in TFT patch 11.3, now draining opponents’ mana.

Elise, Darius, and Tristana headline TFT patch 11.3 buffs

There’s a smattering of other units who are in Riot’s good books for TFT patch 11.3. Elise herself is getting a big buff, becoming a mana-drain tank, increasing the cost of an enemy’s next spell when she autos them.

Tristana is getting some bonus attack speed on her ability, while Darius’ ability damage is being buffed at 2 and 3-star, which alongside the buffs to Slayer’s healing and bonus damage might make him a viable carry.

Brand, Diana, Dragonsoul, and Shroud of Stillness are also being buffed — or at least adjusted — in the next patch. Details of these changes aren’t yet known.

You can find the full TFT patch 11.3 preview below, courtesy of Surrender@20. We will update this right up until patch day on February 3 with the latest info.

TFT patch 11.3 notes preview


1 cost


  • Ability bonus health lowered from 35/40/45% to 25/30/45%
  • Attacks now inject target with venom, increasing cost of next spell by 35/35/50%


  • Ability bonus attack speed increased from 50/60/80% to 60/70/90%

3 cost


  • Ability damage increased from 550/800/1300 to 550/850/1400



  • Trait changed: “Upon attacking 6 times or dropping below 50% Health, Divine champions remove all crowd control and ascend, taking reduced damage and dealing bonus true damage for the duration.”
    • (2): 35%
    • (4): 45%
    • (6): 55%
    • (8): 65%


  • 6 unit lifesteal increased from 25-30% to 30-60%
  • 6 unit bonus damage increased from 30-75% to 35-80%


  • 4 unit attack speed lowered from 40% to 35%