Riot looking at more Viego nerfs as League jungler dominates Season 11 meta

Andrew Amos
Riot Games

Viego isn’t just making his presence known in League of Legends’ jungle. The newly-released Ruined King has been dominating the meta in three different roles ⁠— top, jungle, and mid ⁠— and Riot want to put a end to it.

Viego certainly isn’t League’s most broken champion on release. However, the Ruined King has made a huge impact on the Season 11 meta.

He has risen to become one of the most played ⁠— and powerful ⁠— junglers in the game. That power balance, in Riot’s eyes, is fine. However, he’s also extremely potent in top and mid lane, and that’s got the developers concerned.

Viego in League of Legends
Riot Games
Viego is performing well in not just one, but three roles in League of Legends.

Currently, Viego has a 50.81% win rate in mid lane with a 3.84% pick rate, according to stats site This is compared to 49.22% win rate in the jungle and a 8.97% pick rate. While players are playing him more often in his intended role, he’s seeing more success in lane.

League developer August ‘August’ Browning said that the rates aren’t a huge cause for concern yet, but Riot are “keeping an eye on lane Viego and will adjust if necessary.”

“Right now Viego mid has like a 1-1.5% higher winrate than jungle, but that (by itself) doesn’t mean jungle is bad or lane is OP,” he told players on Reddit on February 10.

“We’re keeping an eye on lane Viego and will adjust if necessary. We primarily want him to be a viable jungler, but hopefully we can also let him lane as there are quite a few players who enjoy him there.”

Riot August on Viego nerfs in League of Legends

If Riot were to touch Viego again, they’d follow through with their League patch 11.2 nerfs and continue touching up his minion sustain. This would ensure lane Viego players are punished, without hurting junglers too much.

It comes as the community has pushed Riot to look at Viego’s possession mechanic on his passive. Players claim it’s “barely relevant,” and only being used to get ultimate resets. August rebutted their concerns though.

“If it’s true that Viego only uses possession for the ult reset and it’s a trap to make use of the champions he takes over, that would be a problem I’d look to resolve in the future. Not sure that’s true from what I’ve seen of him however,” he said.