Riot Games takes LCS into “new era” with North American league rebrand

Isaac McIntyre
Riot Games unveils new LCS rebrand for 2021 season.
Riot Games

Riot Games have unveiled a league-wide rebrand for their flagship North American competition, the League of Legends Championship Series, in a bid to push the LCS into a “new era” following a number of superstar retirements.

The League of Legends rebrand includes a new purple logo, reworked on-stream overlays, and a promise from Riot Games: after the “end of an era” with nailed-on superstars like Søren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg and Yilliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng retiring, the LCS wants to ‘start fresh.’

That revamp comes with a new focus on the competition’s best rookies.

Team Liquid’s bot laner Edward ‘Tactical’ Ra ⁠— 2020’s Rookie of the Year ⁠— is front and center in the bright new rebrand video, as are other young stars like TSM jungler Mingyi ‘Spica’ Yu and 100 Thieves’ Victor “FBI” Huang.

The league’s newly-announced 2021 rebrand also brings in two new mottos for the flagship North American competition: “Made by Many” and “All for the Game.”

The LCS brand overhaul comes just a month after Riot pulled the trigger on a number of huge changes for the League of Legends competition as well. These included scrapping the controversial Spring split, and a new preseason “Lock In” tournament.

This is the second rebrand Riot has shipped in as many weeks; League of Legends Champions Korea (the LCK) also recently underwent a similar overhaul. The Korean revamp was also touted as a “new era” for the newly-franchised LoL competition.

Now that the LCS rebrand has been ticked off, Riot is expected to begin the hunt for a single-platform broadcast deal for the North American league. Potential suitors may include YouTube, Twitch, and Fox-backed Caffeine.

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Riot Games
The LCS rebrand has introduced a number of new mottos, including “All for the Game.”

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The LCS returns on Friday, Jan. 15 with the preseason “Lock In” tournament.