League of Legends analyst ‘LS’ hits out at 100 Thieves for roster decision at Worlds

Joe O'Brien
R: LoLEsports

League of Legends analyst Nick ‘LS’ De Cesare had some hard words for 100 Thieves over their decision not to play Cody Sun at the World Championship.

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100 Thieves have recently come under heavy criticism for their performance at Worlds, and their lack of communication regarding certain decisions.

One of those decisions was to leave former starting AD Carry Cody Sun on the bench, instead fielding rookie ‘Rikara’ for all six of their group stage games.

100T came under fire not only because many considered Cody Sun the stronger player, but also because they didn’t give him a game after the team was already mathematically eliminated from the tournament.

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LS echoed those sentiments during a recent stream, hitting out at the organization for not giving Cody Sun a chance to play on the biggest stage League of Legends has to offer.

“He better have like fucking killed someone or something. I think that’s fucking ridiculous. When you’re out of contention and you don’t give the player a game, there’s something fucking wrong with you.”

In a recent interview, 100 Thieves head coach Neil ‘Prolly’ Hammad touched on the topic but didn’t reveal why Cody Sun had been left on the bench, instead explaining why the organization had not made a public statement on the matter.

“No matter what it’s going to be not completely truthful, because it’s only my perspective or only the organization’s perspective, and then there’s no benefit to it because it doesn’t change how the outcome is. It would only be like airing dirty laundry.”

Prolly also states that revealing details on the topic would cause a “competition” between the version of events as seen by the organization and the player. While fans might enjoy the drama, Prolly says that’s not something those involved want.