How to claim League of Legends Prime Gaming reward drops (June 2022)

Lauren Bergin
LoL Prime Gaming Rewards
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Prime Gaming has teamed up with League of Legends to bring you a host of new goodies and free rewards. Here’s how to claim LoL’s Prime Gaming drops.

League of Legends is filled to the brim with stunning cosmetics, but grinding to unlock all of them can be quite the challenge.

Thankfully, though, Riot Games have teamed up with Prime Gaming to bring you free rewards to top up your cosmetic collection. Sounds great, right?

Well, if you’re looking to score some new cosmetics and take to the Rift in style, here’s everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Gaming’s LoL loot drops.


Elementalist lux in League of Legends
You can get free League drops if you have a Prime Gaming membership. Here’s how.

How to link your Riot account to Prime Gaming

In order to start claiming your goodies, you’ll need to have an active Amazon Prime membership. If not, sadly you won’t participate in this promotion.

If you’re all sorted on the Prime side, then you’ll need to link your Riot Games account to Prime Gaming. It’s a pretty painless process though, so all you have to do is:

  1. Follow this link.
  2. Sign in with the Riot Account you want to claim the skin shards on.
  3. You will then be redirected back to Prime Gaming, where you can claim your loot.

How to get League of Legends Prime Gaming rewards

Each time you claim your rewards, they’ll be deposited in your ‘loot’ tab. Depending on whether you like the skin or not, you can upgrade it to a permanent with orange essence, or reroll it for a different one.

Thankfully, it’s really easy to claim these drops. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to the Prime Gaming website and scroll down until you get to LoL.
  2. Ensure you are signed into your Prime Gaming account.
  3. Click October’s reward, then ‘Claim.’
  4. Log into League of Legends and check your ‘Loot‘ tab.
  5. Your capsule should be waiting for you to open!

League of Legends Prime Gaming Rewards: June

league of legends lol prime gaming rewards june bel-veth looks over RP mythic essence champion shards skin capsules orange essence and eternals
Riot Games, Amazon Prime
A change in the LoL Prime Gaming winds accompanies Bel’Veth.

As the dust settles on MSI, you’ll still be able to pick up the SCAREPRIZE! emote for a limited time, but all eyes are on the all-new basic rewards coming into June.

Where players once received 650 Riot Points (RP) to splash on a skin of their choosing, you now receive 350RP and 5 Mythic Essence, the all-new currency used to unlock both old and new Prestige skins.

Players will receive:

  • 350 Riot Points
  • 5 Mythic Essence
  • A 1350 RP skin
  • Five Champion Shards 
  • 200 Orange Essence
  • Two sets of Series 1 Eternals
  • 30-day XP boost.

That’s everything we know about the League of Legends Prime Gaming drops! Make sure you check back every month to stay ahead of the game.