League of Legends veteran Doublelift returns to TSM as star Twitch streamer

Andrew Amos
Doublelift playing for TSM
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Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng is donning the black-and-white again, rejoining TSM; but this time, as a content creator. The former League of Legends pro is moving full-time to Twitch after his retirement.

Doublelift’s retirement in the 2021 League of Legends off-season sent shockwaves through the NA and global community.

The star AD carry, who won eight LCS titles and made an MSI final with Team Liquid, stepped away from the stage after an illustrious 10-year career.

However, he’s not gone forever.

TSM has announced Doublelift is returning to his old home to keep making content. The organization revealed the move on March 10.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Doublelift announcement video without a few “trash” jokes, and the good-old bin-the-jersey scene. Except this time, it was a bit odd with him throwing away his 2020 TSM jersey, just to get a 2021 one instead.

Doublelift hasn’t been entirely absent from the League of Legends scene since his retirement. He has been regularly co-streaming the LCS, and even inviting some of his old teammates for post-game interviews.

While Peng didn’t acknowledge the move directly on his March 10 stream, fans streamed in with donations and congratulations for the former pro.

TSM trophy LCS doublelift retires
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Doublelift won three of his eight LCS titles with TSM.

It’s likely Doublelift will continue his LCS co-streams ⁠— with a bit of a TSM flair ⁠— under the organization, as well as some gameplay broadcasts.

LCS Spring 2021 continues for the final week of regular season on March 11.