Summit1g tries to hide in GTA RP like it’s Fortnite and it doesn’t end well

James Busby
Summit1g Twitch

Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar’s latest GTA RP heist escape was foiled when he was somehow spotted by a police officer. 

GTA Online is filled with all kinds of criminal activity, but unlike the game’s regular servers, the NoPixel server enables players to take on specific roles. One of those is that of the Los Santos police department. While these hardworking officers are no stranger to catching the game’s worst criminals, they have been known to take extra care when detaining popular streamers like xQc.

Robberies and murder are commonplace in the NoPixel server and the interactions between streamers and the police often lead to some hilarious clips. However, Summit1g’s latest stream highlights just how frustrating it can be.

Summit1g Twitch
A hiding tactic as old as Fortnite itself.

After robbing a bank and just narrowly avoiding the cops, Summit took to the streets and attempted to hide from the swarm of pursuit cars. Unfortunately, the streamer crashed his getaway car and was forced to flee from the officers on foot. He took to the lower levels of the underpass and proceeded to dash past his pursuers.

With little to no options left, Summit dashed over to some nearby bushes and lay prone. The streamer frantically looked around, but it seemed he had yet again managed to lose the police. They frantically searched the nearby area, but it looked as though Summit1g’s Fortnite bush tactic had worked.

“Dude, we don’t have any choice. This is kinda OP, but…” Unfortunately, the streamer’s in-game phone rings, however, he is able to quickly silence it. The whirr of police car sirens also help mask the sound and it appears that the crime fighters are still having trouble finding him.

One officer seems to know where Lazar is and proceeds to try and detain him. Fortunately for Summit, the officer falls off the side and into the underpass below, giving the streamer the perfect opportunity to escape.

Whether this was a stream sniper or an experienced officer remains to be seen, but it looks like this old-school Fortnite hiding tactic doesn’t work perfectly in GTA RP.