Everything we know about Shenhe in Genshin Impact: abilities, release date

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Shenhe genshin impact details

Shenhe is one of Genshin Impact’s rumored upcoming characters. Hailing from Liyue, she allegedly has ties to the Cloud Retainer and the Adepti, but doesn’t have an Anemo vision. Here’s what we know about her so far, including her release date and abilities.

Shenhe was originally datamined in Genshin Impact before the Inazuma update, but then almost all traces of her were removed from the in-game code.

However, after the 2.2 update, those traces have returned in abundance.

There’s increasing suspicion as the Inazuma expansion rolls on that she will be released in Genshin Impact ⁠— at least once this major story arc is finished.

Here’s what we know about Shenhe so far, including her rumored release date and abilities.

Shenhe release date in Genshin Impact

Although being first revealed in November 2020, Shenhe doesn’t have a locked-in release date in Genshin Impact.

Multiple characters who appeared in the same datamine have been released, including Hu Tao, Rosaria, Kazuha, Kokomi, and Sayu. It might just be a matter of time until she comes along.

One leaker has suggested a release date of update 2.4 ⁠— a patch after Itto and Gorou — so keep an eye out in early 2022.

Shenhe abilities in Genshin Impact

Shenhe was originally datamined to be a Cryo character, however with most references of her disappearing in the in-game code, it’s likely she might be reworked entirely or not be coming at all.

With her name meaning “God of Crane,” many have suspected her abilities might tie into Liyue’s Cloud Retainer — something leaked voice lines have somehwat confirmed.

However, this is all speculation for now, with no solid details from miHoYo about Shenhe’s kit.

Shenhe weapon in Genshin Impact

Early datamines suggested Shenhe would be a Claymore character. There’s a few other Claymore characters in waiting though, including Ayato and Itto. However, that’s since changed multiple times, from Claymore to Catalyst to, more recently, a Polearm.

Shenhe was also rumored to be a five-star character. If that’s the case, she will launch with her own unique weapon in a banner at the same time. There aren’t any details about this, however.

Shenhe story in Genshin Impact

There’s a lot of crumbs about who Shenhe is in Genshin Impact. Most Liyue characters have voice lines pertaining to her.

Xingqiu described Shenhe as “fierce” while Ganyu says she’s “ferocious”. She has ties to the Cloud Retainer, with Ganyu alluding to it, but whether she’s actually a human form of the adeptus remains to be seen.

As more lore tidbits ⁠— and in-game information ⁠— becomes available, we’ll be sure to update you.

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