Genshin Impact Arataki Itto revealed: Abilities, release date

. 8 months ago
Itto in Genshin Impact

Arataki Itto has finally been officially revealed in Genshin Impact, so here’s what we know about Kujou Sara’s Oni-masked rival so far, including his kit and release date.

The Inazuma expansion for Genshin Impact is still rolling on, but miHoYo has now released official details for Arataki Itto – the game’s deputy of the Arataki Gang. Itto is known for his incredible strength thanks to the Oni blood that runs through his veins.

The upcoming Geo character has one goal in mind: Taking down bitter rival Kujou Sara and reclaiming his vision. Here’s what we know about the billboard-loving Oni character set to join Genshin Impact soon.

Itto official reveal

After weeks of rumors and leaks, MiHoYo has finally revealed Arataki Itto. The new Geo character is “The First and Greatest Head of the Arataki Gang,” which helps stop any troublemakers from causing harm in the Inazuma region.

While Itto’s appearance may look menacing at first, his demeanor is described as caring and kindhearted. He is incredibly competitive and often enjoys setting up scenarios where he can prove his skills. MiHoYo describes Itto as “fast as the wind and mighty as thunder, he is an intrepid man with Oni blood running through his veins.”

Itto release date in Genshin Impact

There’s nothing locked in stone for Itto’s release in Genshin Impact. However, early leaks have indicated the new Inazuma character will be dropping into the game sometime after patch 2.4’s release.

This isn’t expected for some time yet ⁠— around December or early January 2022 is the earliest prediction. There’s still a few patches to go, so hang tight.

Itto abilities in Genshin Impact

Itto’s abilities have now made it to the public sphere through a series of beta leaks, which have given players a sneak peek at his playstyle.

His Elemental Skill (Masatsu Zetsugi: Akaushi Burst!) hurls out a raging bull that deals Geo damage to enemies hit. Once the bull has finished charging, it will stay on the battlefield and taunt nearby enemies. Itto also gains one stack of Superlative Superstrenght – a passive that enables him to unleash empowered attacks.

Lastly, Itto’s Elemental Burst (Royal Descent: Behold, Itto the Evil!) unleashes a devastating flurry of Geo hits that deal damage based off of his DEF. During this state, Itto also gains increased ATK SPD and resistances.

Itto weapon in Genshin Impact

Current Itto leaks showcase the 5-star Geo character wielding a Claymore. Given his big personality, the descriptions of him as an Oni of sorts, and his wielding of a giant spiked club, this does fit the bill.

However, whether Itto will receive a special weapon as a five-star, or will have to settle for something like a Wolf’s Gravestone as a four-star, remains to be seen.

Itto story in Genshin Impact

Itto’s main plot point in Genshin Impact right now is that he has a lot of beef with Kujou Sara, who was on the frontlines for the Raiden Shogun’s Vision Hunt Decree.

Across a bunch of bulletin boards in Inazuma, Itto can be seen challenging Sara after the leader reportedly stole his vision and destroyed it during the Decree. He is waiting for her to finally take him up on his many fight offers, which she has knocked back in various different ways.

Itto also is keen to stop any troublemakers that otherwise upset the peace, with the deputy of the Arataki Gang asking people to report any bad behavior. “If you come across any inappropriate behavior on the part of our boss, Arataki Itto, please contact me immediately. ”

More about Itto’s backstory, and kit, will be revealed in future Genshin Impact updates, and we’ll keep you posted.

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