Genshin Impact Yaoyao model by fan shows how new Dendro character will look

. 7 months ago
Genshin Impact Yaoyao holding a plate of sweets

Yaoyao is rumored to be Genshin Impact’s first Dendro character and one fan has showcased what her in-game character model could look like. 

Genshin Impact’s Yaoyao first appeared in the game’s official artwork alongside the 4-star Pyro character, Xiangling. Since then, various voice lines and in-game descriptions have made reference to this pint-sized character. 

The recent Genshin Impact 2.3 and 2.4 leaks have yet to uncover anything about Yaoyao, but that hasn’t stopped one talented fan from showcasing what the rumored 4-star will potentially look like upon her release. 

Whether you’re looking to add Yaoyao to your team or just wish to see who the game’s first playable Dendro character could be, then Mighty Games 3D render has you covered. 

Genshin Impact Yaoyao character model

Yaoyao with Qiqi and Paimon in Genshin Impact
Yaoyao is rumored to be a Dendro character.

While miHoYo has yet to officially reveal Yaoyao’s abilities and overall playstyle, that hasn’t stopped Mighty Games from showing off their fan-made model. According to the YouTuber, the model is not a leak and was created using 3D modeling software. 

This process isn’t uncommon in Genshin Impact – after all, the Yunjin character model was leaked during an early beta release of the game. In the video, Mighty Games showcases their faithful portrayal of Yaoyao, which looks incredibly accurate when compared to her official artwork. 

Yaoyao’s green color scheme and flower-like hair clips have led many players to believe she could be the game’s first playable Dendro character. The upcoming release of the Sumeru region also points towards this plant-based element. 

After all, the people of Sumeru worship the God of Wisdom – the Lesser Lord Kusanali. This Archon is associated with Dendro, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if Yaoyao would release alongside the 3.0 Sumeru update. 

For now, though, Mighty Games’ fan-made Yaoyao model has given fans a glimpse into this upcoming character. Make sure you check out our other Genshin Impact guides and leaks: 

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