Genshin Impact players call for more fully voiced characters after 2.2 update

. 7 months ago
Lumine in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact players want miHoYo to add more fully voiced characters to the game’s World Quests following the Version 2.2 update. 

Genshin Impact’s 2.2 update is in full swing and players from around the world are busy exploring Tsurumi Island – Inazuma’s final major expansion. Not only is this mysterious island shrouded in dense fog, but it is also home to a number of ferocious enemies and new characters. 

While the community’s response surrounding the Through the Mists World Quest has been incredibly positive, a number of fans were left disappointed by the lack of voice acting. In fact, outside of the main story quest, the vast majority of the game’s dialogue still remains unspoken. 

Lumine and Paimon talking with Sumida
The majority of Genshin Impact’s World Quests don’t have fully voiced lines.

Genshin Impact fans want more fully voiced characters

Genshin Impact encompasses hundreds of quests, NPCs, and locations. To make matters even better, every new update expands upon all three of these categories. This sheer amount of content does mean voicing every character in the game is incredibly difficult, especially given the huge scale of Genshin Impact’s ever-growing world. 

However, many fans want fully-voiced characters to appear in the more ambitious World Quests and updates. “I would say, so far, with respect to our time in Inazuma, [Through the Mists] is one of the best stories we’ve experienced,” said boomtown650

“It’s got everything, lore, tragedy, hope, emotion, mystery, sh*t even character development. That is everything, except fully voiced characters. People already floated the idea of fully voiced World Quests after the Shrine Maiden quest on Narukami island and that was a good quest… going forward, I do seriously hope miHoYo begins voicing the longer multi-staged World Quests.”

Having fully voiced characters in more ambitious World Quests would certainly make these encounters more special. Not only would it help bring each character to life, but it would also provide a more memorable experience. Of course, even voicing characters in these updates comes with its own caveats. 

Lumine standing next to Paimon
Lumine and Aether have remained eerily quiet since the game’s launch.

“The biggest factor is really lead time, which relates to the patch cadence,” explained countrpt. “Voice work has to be planned months in advance so it has enough time for implementation in all applicable languages, and this provides them with less ability to keep on improving the text and related presentation during implementation.”

No matter how you look at it, the addition of fully voiced NPCs would be a huge undertaking for miHoYo. However, fans are still hopeful that the game’s main protagonists Aether and Lumine will one day be heard. 

“This is the worst crime in terms of voice acting, making the mc silent/mute. I still don’t understand that decision,” Grimstarzz noted. “I can’t take a lot of scenes seriously, cause a fairy with a squeaky voice is acting like the mc, while the mc is standing there like a houseplant. This story could have been a lot more engaging if the mc actually had a personality and a voice.”

Whether miHoYo will add more fully voiced characters to Genshin Impact in the 2.3 and 2.4 updates remain to be seen, but players remain hopeful that one day they’ll hear more from the game’s NPCs and protagonists. 

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