Genshin Impact pick rates: Most popular characters as of 2.1 update

. 7 months ago
Genshin Impact Zhongli Childe

In Genshin Impact, you can make almost every character viable with enough investment. However, who are the most popular? We’ve broken down the highest Genshin Impact pick rates as of update 2.1, and who everyone is using.

Genshin Impact can be pretty forgiving in the fact that you can build around almost any character. With enough investment in Talents and levels, you can build your dream comp.

Some will be stronger than others though, and some players will just be partial to certain characters. Some players are meta slaves, while others just want to play with their favorite waifu or husbando.

How you play Genshin Impact is up to you. However, some characters are more popular than others.

We’ve got a list of the most popular as of the 2.1 update, with some interesting picks topping the Genshin Impact pick rate charts, based on data from the Spiral Abyss.

Kazuha Genshin Impact
Surprisingly, Kazuha is the most popular character in Genshin Impact’s Spiral Abyss.

Genshin Impact pick rate: Most popular characters in Spiral Abyss

No surprises here, but a lot of the game’s five-star characters are the most popular ⁠— especially for clearing Spiral Abyss. For those who have the luxury of affording to roll on every banner, you might have some of Genshin Impact’s best picks here.

Kazuha is the most popular with a 96% pick rate, according to stats from Genshinlab, drawing on over 30,000 players’ daily submissions. Zhongli (92.3%), Baal (90.5%), and Venti (88.5%) also feature in the top five.

There are two defining four-star picks though: Pyro support Bennett comes in second at 94.7%, while Hydro support Xingqiu is seventh with an 87% playrate.

You can find the full table below.

Character Element Pick Rate
Kazuha Anemo 96%
Bennett Pyro 94.7%
Zhongli Geo 92.3%
Baal Electro 90.5%
Venti Anemo 88.5%
Ayaka Cryo 88.1%
Xingqiu Hydro 87%
Ganyu Cryo 80.3%
Hu Tao Pyro 75.3%
Xiangling Pyro 67.9%
Eula Cryo 65.7%
Jean Anemo 64.2%
Diona Cryo 62.9%
Xiao Anemo 59.3%
Yoimiya Pyro 56.7%
Kokomi Hydro 56.5%
Mona Hydro 56.5%
Albedo Geo 54.3%
Childe Hydro 44%
Sucrose Anemo 36.1%
Qiqi Cryo 30%
Fischl Electro 28.7%
Barbara Hydro 28.5%
Klee Pyro 27.4%
Diluc Pyro 20.5%
Sara Electro 17.1%
Rosaria Cryo 16%
Beidou Electro 14.9%
Keqing Electro 13.6%
Chongyun Cryo 11.7%
Noelle Geo 10.6%
Ningguang Geo 9.3%
Kaeya Cryo 5.8%
Sayu Anemo 5.4%
Traveler Multiple 4.1%
Yanfei Pyro 4.1%
Xinyan Pyro 2.2%
Aloy Cryo 2%
Razor Electro 1.6%
Lisa Electro 1.2%
Amber Pyro 0.8%

This pick rate is based on Spiral Abyss, however, so this defines strong meta picks people are using to clear high-level floors. It’s a relatively small sample size too ⁠— there are over 30,000 participants, but Genshin has millions of active players.

It is a good indication of the game’s meta though. The pick rates also show who is popular, and maybe who you should look at rolling for in upcoming banners (like reruns).

We will update this with each new update, so keep an eye as one of your favorites could soon become the best around!

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