Genshin Impact fans demand changes to standard banner in update 2.3

. 7 months ago
Mona in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact fans want changes to the game’s Standard banner, which would make pulling 5-star characters easier. 

Genshin Impact’s standard banner is a permanent feature that enables players to obtain all non-event exclusive characters and weapons. While new 4-star characters are constantly being added, unlocking units like Mona, Diluc, Keqing, Jean, and Qiqi can prove incredibly frustrating. 

This is especially true since none of these 5-stars currently have their own event-exclusive banners or reruns, which makes maxing out their constellations extremely difficult. However, one simple change would make this process a little easier for those rolling on the standard banner. 

Genshin Impact fans call for standard banner changes

Genshin Impact standard banner
Genshin Impact’s standard banner would be better with this change.

Genshin Impact is constantly expanding upon its roster of colorful characters, with each new update bringing a new 5-star or highly anticipated rerun. Aside from these event-exclusive banners, the free-to-play title also features weapon banners that players can use to unlock powerful items. 

Unlike Genshin Impact’s character banners, the weapon event Wishes feature a unique mechanic called “Epitomized Path”. This is a special wish mechanic that enables travelers to chart a course towards a specific 5-star promotional weapon.

Once a player has selected the weapon they wish to obtain, they will gain one Fate Point upon receiving a 5-star weapon that is not the one they chose. When a total of two Fate Points have been collected, the next 5-star weapon will be the one that was chosen through the Epitomized Path.

Genshin Impact Wanderlust Invocation banner
The Epitomized Path mechanic would help get certain 5-stars.

Well, it’s this mechanic that fans want to see added to Genshin Impact’s standard banner. In fact, Reddit user RydenReckless provided a number of images that show how this process would look. 

The idea has been met with a lot of praise from the Genshin Impact community, with many noting how it would help the game in the long run. “I like this idea, especially as the roster of characters continues to grow and more characters fight for a rerun,” said chrysaorae

“I think after their third or fourth rerun they could retire and be added to the standard banner if they implemented this.” It’s certainly an interesting idea and one that could come to the game if the recent banner rerun leaks are to be believed.

Whether miHoYo will go ahead with these changes remains to be seen, so we’ll likely need to wait until Version 2.3 or later to see if it gets implemented. 

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