SCUF responds to sexual harassment allegations from former employee

Bill Cooney

Several hours after a former employee posted allegations of sexual harassment at SCUF, the controller company officially responded.

Early in the morning on August 9, 2021, former SCUF employee ​​@vivisquid on Twitter posted a Twitlonger blasting the company. 

In it, she laid out multiple claims of sexual harassment she allegedly experienced during her time at the Atlanta, Georgia-based company.

Former SCUF employee claims years of harassment

“I still can’t speak about it without breaking down,” she wrote about her experience. “It’s something I will continue to be affected by for years. I’m really scared to try to get another office job, because I feel like it’s bound to happen again.”

What Vivi shares in the Twitlonger is graphic so we won’t be going into the exact details here. However if you read through it, you’ll see it does call out several employees by name. On top of that, she also recounts multiple instances she says made her working life miserable.

After posting the Twitlonge, she continued on Twitter, at one point claiming that employees at SCUF weren’t able to access the Human Resources department “without permission.” As well as the fact she was still scared to speak out about what happened due to fear of retaliation.

On top of the harassment she also mentioned racism was a huge issue at the company as well, but added it was a “story for a different day.”

Dexerto was able to corroborate the detail about HR and the allegations of racism from the Twitlonger in particular from another former SCUF employee who requested to remain anonymous for this story.

SCUF promises to investigate “internally”

Several hours after Vivi posted the allegations, SCUF responded with an official release of their own claiming they were investigating the matter internally.

“This is something we take extremely seriously and we are urgently investigating this matter to take further additional actions internally,” SCUF said in a statement on Twitter. “Sexual harassment, of any kind, is not tolerated at SCUF and we continuously strive for an inclusive and safe work environment.”

The gaming world was rocked by the news that Activision-Blizzard is getting sued by the state of California for “fostering an unsafe work environment,” in July of 2021.

SCUF isn’t a household name like Blizzard. But, they still sponsor plenty of streamers and content creators and their ads can be found all over Twitch and the gaming side of YouTube.

At this point it’s currently unknown what actions SCUF will take, or really what will end up happening next. As this is a developing story, we’ll be sure to post all the updates as they happen.