Final Pool Play results at Gears Pro Circuit San Diego Open

Calum Patterson
Reece Martinez / Esports Gears

Pool Play has now completed at Gears San Diego, after the open bracket winning teams tried to cause an upset on their way to the championship bracket.

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After day one, the top teams stayed on top, as Ghost Gaming and Echo Fox dominated their groups, and while OpTic Gaming also ended Friday at 2-0, there was definite weakness shown in their matches.

Ghost Gaming will be glad not to have had another nightmare pool play like they did at Gears New Orleans, were they finished with a 1-2 record, this time around securing top spot with a 3-0 record.

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OpTic also ended 3-0 in Pool A, after defeating open bracket team Krisis Gaming. Their Mexican counterparts on OpTic GamingMX come in just behind them with a 2-1 record, while Simplicity finish 3rd in pool A, at 1-2.


Pool B saw Nimbus, the team coming through from open bracket, really upset the balance. It wasn’t enough to knock Echo Fox off the top spot, but they did at least manage 2nd, with wins over Rise Nation and Fire N Ice.

Pool C was always Ghost Gaming’s for the taking, and they didn’t slip up like at New Orleans, dropping barely a round never mind a map throughout their matches. Lucent took second, with their only loss coming to Ghost, with Worlds Best win over Fable earning them the third spot.

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Pool D was dominated by Spacestation on day one, and they didn’t slip up against open bracket team, Fable LATAM, on day two, taking top spot. Reciprocity finished second with a 2-1 record, and will be happy to make the championship winners bracket in their first event as an organization.

Group A

Place Team W L
1 OpTic Gaming 3 0
2 OpTic GamingMX 2 1
3 Simplicity 1 2
4 Krisis Gaming 0 3

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Group B

Place Team W L
1 Echo Fox 3 0
2 Nimbus 2 1
3 Rise Nation 1 2
4 Fire N Ice 0 3

Group C

Place Team W L
1 Ghost Gaming 2 0
2 Lucent Esports 2 1
3 World Best Gaming 1 2
4 Fable 0 2

Group D

Place Team W L
1 Spacestation 3 0
2 Team Reprocity 2 1
3 Elevate 0 2
4 Fable LATAM 0 2