World of Tanks 1.10 patch notes: New tanks & equipment overhaul

Joe Craven
New tank on Pearl River map from World of Tanks

The brand new 1.10 update has dropped in Wargaming’s World of Tanks, bringing with it new tanks, equipment and a returning fan favorite map – in one of the biggest updates in the game’s ten year history. 

Wargaming’s World of Tanks originally released back in August of 2010, capitalizing on its massive multiplayer format to introduce its players to organized tank chaos. 10 years later, and World of Tanks is going as strongly as ever.

What’s more is that the game’s developers have a monumental update up their sleeves in order to celebrate it turning a decade old. The update – 1.10 – will feature a host of brand new tanks, equipment and the return of map Pearl River.

Pearl River from World of Tanks
The Pearl River map, removed in update 0.9.10, makes it long-awaited return.

Not only is there new content coming to World of Tanks, but Wargaming are set to overhaul the game’s basic mechanics, meaning it will be a case of re-learning (some of) the ropes for long-time players.

“1.10 is the biggest World of Tanks update since 1.0 released in 2018,” said Max Chuvalov, the Publishing Director on WoT. “The biggest part of it is the new equipment system. The current iteration has been in the game for 10 years now and was definitely in need of a revamp. Players will now be able to experiment a lot more with their loadouts thanks to the new and improved equipment items.”

Alongside the new system and equipment, ‘slot specialization’ is coming. Every vehicle from Tier VI and above will have one of these slots, and all equipment will be placed into one of four categories: firepower, survivability, mobility and scouting. By placing certain pieces of equipment in this slot, tankers will get an extra bonus on top of the piece’s standard one.

Update 1.10 will also feature the introduction of 6 new Polish medium tanks. The best new tank being introduced is the CS-63, which introduces a gas-turbine engine to WoT.

“Boasting both standard and rapid mode, the latter will increase the vehicle’s engine power, as well as its top speed and acceleration,” say Wargaming. “However, when this mode is activated, its accuracy is significantly impacted.”

The CS63 tank from World of Tanks
The brand new CS-63 tank introduces a gas-turbine engine.

Finally, the in-game communication system has been made simpler and more efficient, so tankers can concentrate more on the battle while delivering informative messages to comrades.

It certainly sounds like Wargaming are set to shake up the established formula, but some fans expressed reservations about the equipment changes. Whether they are won over after having spent some time with the new system remains to be seen.