Real pilot botches plane landing in Flight Simulator review

. 2 years ago
Nick the pilot next to Flight Simulator

A real airline pilot made a hilarious mess of a landing during a review for Microsoft’s new Flight Simulator, even though he said it was probably worth its fairly hefty price tag.

The AviatorDan YouTube channel revolves around Flight Simulator games, often taking in-game planes for long trips and trying to perform bizarre landings.

On August 18, though, the channel took a turn for the real as a professional airline pilot took the controls of Microsoft’s most recent Flight Simulator.

Pilot reviews Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator poster
The newest version of Flight Simulator dropped on August 18.

Despite offering a generally positive review, the video made interesting viewing, no more so than when the pilot struggled to land and had to abort the effort multiple times.

“Keep the speed around the 140 [mark],” he commented, as he brought his light aircraft into land. “Might get a sink rate warning… Yeah just overcooked it there. Take the power off, see if we can get it on the ground… The landing – very very difficult. Not pretty.”

It was not a success though, with the pilot looping back around for another go. This time he pulled the aircraft to the ground safely, but described it as a bit of a “bumpy” effort.


When asked for an overall verdict, he said: “I think it’s great. The graphics are great. I think for more complex aircraft more investigation is needed to set up a flight properly. The landing was a little bit tricky.”

With its price, varying from $75 to $145, that might put some players off giving it a go. Nick, however, said he thinks it’s worth it, but once again reiterated how it may be lacking precision when it comes to larger, more complex planes.

The positive review from a pilot speaks volumes about Microsoft’s latest Flight Simulator, with the graphics even being described as “perfect”. Despite the struggles with landing, it appears to be a recommendable title for all those interested. Great for somebody who wants to pursue a life in the sky, too.

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