PlayStation to sponsor and have ‘news’ at Evo – Is Street Fighter VI on the way?

Michael Gwilliam
Capcom/Street Fighter

PlayStation is sponsoring Evo 2019 and is set to have some sort of “news” at the event, leading to speculation that Street Fighter VI could be announced. 

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On July 22, Evo announced on Twitter that it was partnering with PlayStation.

“8 of the 9 main event titles are presented by PS4. Don’t miss any of the action and stay tuned for more news from PlayStation at EVO!” the tournament’s Twitter account posted. 

The only game not presented by PS4 will likely be Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate which is exclusive to the Switch. The brawler is headlining the event’s prime time Sunday slot on August 4. That game also features the most registered players at Evo with nearly 3,500 participants. 

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Some users have speculated that this could lead to an announcement of a sequel to 2012’s PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. The game was seen as a Sony’s competitor to Smash Bros, but it received average reviews.

Street Fighter V was originally released on PS4, Microsoft Windows and Arcade. It’s possible that a follow-up could be exclusive to a Sony console. Whether the game will be for PS4 or PS5, or if it even is Street Fighter VI, remains up for speculation. 

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There’s also the extremely unlikely possibility that Sony announces a PlayStation character for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. There are currently two remaining DLC spots left and the inclusion of a PlayStation character would certainly break the internet.

Amusingly, it was a failed partnership between Sony and Nintendo, in which the former was supposed to design a CD add-on to the Super Nintendo that resulted in the birth of the PlayStation. 

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This Evo is shaping up to be a fantastic event and when news breaks, we’ll have all the info for you.

The 2019 edition of Evo is scheduled for August 2-4 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas

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