How to watch Dying Light 2’s second developer stream

Nick Farrell
dying light 2 dev stream

Techland is giving fans another chance to get up to speed with all that has happened since the events of the first Dying Light game, and with Dying Light 2 releasing later this year, we are amped to find out more. 

The second installment of the beloved zombie survival RPG was first revealed during the beginning of June 2021, and has now set a release date for December 7, barring no delays from developer Techland.

The new entry into the series is going to be set in a brand new location, and Techland is putting a large emphasis on player decisions this time around. But, we still don’t know much regarding the game, besides the few trailers, they have revealed thus far.

Now, they have announced a brand new developer stream called “Dying 2 Know” which will be airing this week, which should give us more context into some aspects of Dying Light 2.

Players will be able to side with one of three factions in Dying Light 2

How to watch Dying Light 2 developer stream

Techland have announced that the second episode of their developer series, Dying 2 Know is going to occur this Thursday, July 1, and we can assume it will run around the same length as the first one, which was around 30 minutes long.

During the first episode, we got an ample amount of news surrounding the game-we learned all about the three factions within the game, player choices, the environment, and more.

If you are looking to tune into the next showcase, it will be live at the following times on July 1.

  • 12:00 PM PST
  • 3:00 PM EST
  • 8:00 PM BST
  • 9:00 PM CEST

What to expect

There is a lot of promise for what we could see during Techland’s second opportunity to get fans excited for the new game, we have our suspicions that there may be a focus on the combat during this stream.

This was a feature that was not touched on during the first stream, and it is a major component of the Dying Light series. How we will be able to craft new weapons, and the types of gear we will be able to use are all essential aspects of the games, that we are sure Techland is going to dive into more soon.

For now, we will have to wait and see what Techland has in store for us in the next iteration of the Dying 2 Know series. If you are looking to get up to speed with all the information surrounding Dying Light 2, check out our pages down below.

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