House of Ashes: How to save infected Rachel & get best ending

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The Dark Pictures Anthology’s House of Ashes’ protagonist, Rachel, has etched herself into players’ hearts, but how can you save her from dying and get the best ending?

The Dark Pictures Anthology’s newest installment, House of Ashes, features a wide array of interesting characters that you are tasked with keeping alive. With that in mind, then, it’s worth mentioning that not all choices are the same – but there are spoilers ahead.

One of these is Rachel King, played by High School Musical’s resident mean girl, Ashley Tisdale. While Sharpay’s “queen b**ch” reputation manages to worm its way into House of Ashes, players can’t help but love her – even if she is cheating on her husband.

Wondering how to save Rachel from the twisted world of the House of Ashes? Here’s how to keep her alive whilst also achieving the best ending for the game.

Blood stained woman against a black background
Rachel doesn’t have the easiest time in the House of Ashes story.

Can you save Rachel in House of Ashes?

As any Dark Pictures Anthology enthusiast knows, during your playthrough you really need to take care of your characters. One wrong step can mean a bloody death, and despite Ashley (and in turn, Rachel) being House of Ashes’ poster child, she’s no different from any of the other characters.

There are several incidents where Rachel can die, or get infected, so you’ll need to navigate through these if you want to keep her alive.

In order to save Rachel and get the best ending in House of Ashes:

So that’s how to save Rachel in The Dark Picture Anthology’s House of Ashes. If you’re looking for our take on the latest installment in the horror saga, be sure to check out our House of Ashes review.

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