Destiny 2 glitch brings Xur back early and he’s selling ‘god roll’ guns

. 8 months ago
Destiny 2 Xur character

A bizarre Destiny 2 glitch has kept Xur in town a little longer than expected as the mysterious merchant is currently stuck on Nessus with a set of legendary gear many would consider ‘god rolls.’

As has been tradition in Destiny since 2013, Xur appears for a limited time each week with a few pieces of loot for sale. Typically, it’s a great way to get your hands on some rare drops and even a handful of Exotics missing from your collection.

While Xur did appear on time for his latest shift, the vendor seems to have forgotten when it was time to leave. Xur is still hanging around Nessus in a few bugged instances.

What’s interesting is he’s no longer selling his previous gear sets.

Instead, players can currently grab some extremely powerful Legendary drops. From deadly weapons with optimal perk rolls to alluring armor that you won’t want to miss, this glitched version of Xur has a stacked inventory.

Xur location on Destiny 2 Nessus map
Xur is currently bugged on Nessus ahead of his usual appearance.

Just last week Xur was selling everything from the Graviton Lance to the Warlock Lunafaction Boots. Now, players in the right instance can get their hands on a few Legendary items with must-have traits.

For starters, the True Prophecy Hand Cannon is currently accessible with both Rangefinder and Timed Payload. Together this version of the Legendary gives you greater accuracy from afar and packs each shot with a deadly explosive.

Given the current meta in PVP, expect to die at the hand of this ‘god roll’ True Prophecy a great deal this week if the instances stay live.

Destiny 2 True Prophecy
This is a True Prophecy roll you won’t want to miss.

Also up for grabs is a version of the Steel Sybil Z-14 Sword with Whirlwind Blade at the ready. If you happen to run a Sword-friendly build with a different Exotic in mind, this Legendary could be a perfect match.

Similarly, the IKELOS Submachine Gun is also in Xur’s bugged inventory for now with two powerful perks baked in. Both Feeding Frenzy and Fourth Time’s the Charm come equipped to keep you firing longer than usual.

Destiny 2 Titan armor
Two pieces of Kairos armor are available while Xur’s bugged on Nessus.

Titan’s and Hunter’s can also nab the Kairos Function Boots and Kairos Function Helm respectively. Though you’ll have to get in quick; obviously, Xur isn’t meant to be around for another few days yet. If you can find a bugged instance of Nessus, you might just be in luck.

If not, you may have to wait and see if these Legendary drops come back in stock when Xur actually sets up for his next — and proper — rotation.

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